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Artist: The D.O.C.
Album: No One Can Do it Better
Song: Portrait of a Masterpiece

Yea, c'mon
C'mon, yea, c'mon

Let's take a trip but not of the physical
Sense of direction on a kid who's artistical
Through a gallery of thoughts, of course it's dope
Pay it tough like the name on my rope
Watch it be weary instead of steppin wit the boys
A musical massacre of inadequate noise
By the new authority 'cause of majority
Of peers who hear will award superiority
To those who know you knew now it's inevitable
I laid the track and it's simple unforgettable
Time had hold me better than gold, I sold
And in front of a group of soul is a new episode
So like see if you can grab a pawn yet another one
Take it to the everyday like it's done the son
Words connected up to another degree
And if an artist who planned it there, portrait of a masterpiece
It's unquestionable
The lyrics used, the D.O.C.'s a professional
Nothing exquisite to prohibit you from listening up
Crisp and clean but I don't mean 7-Up
I preside ill dippy dope to frantic to panic
And just a man on a mission wit something more in the attic
I'm just an ordinary, faring very few
Do it to the mic, is the D.O. to the C., you
Made the choice that doesn't need to pretend
I'm on the extend, I know about the ?(elevator end)?
But anytime between I'm spinning
Play strong, write it like it never ending
Keep creating while suckers are hating me now
Keep the upper hand 'cause the respond is gonna plow
No one can handle the physical torture
I've been taking and no matter what, I'll support'cha
Goals and dreams although is seems it won't come true
All of that is up to you, yo
But if you can't handle
You need a check, 'cause rap's like a gamble
Basically outspoken, keeping them choking on
But you recall, yo, a helluva rap song
Doing it forever together wit Dre, it will never cease
Plenty of records like "Portrait of a Masterpiece"
Not an exceptionalist
Sort of the norm, walking and holding my testicles
?(swoon for a six)?, spell out what it means to be dope
The D.O. to the C., they can't cope
Deal the real, yo, it's better 'cause I had to be
Better than any 'cause of majority
Negative never, I'm all about a positive force if you recall
It's the D.O.C. on the ball
Rap much greater, Dre upon the fader
Pump the bass and the pace
Most like by the D.O.C and this is it
'Cause when it's hype, then I feel that it's the shit
Word, never would I stop, I drop the beat I will
Especialy when I have to kill
I'm an annihilator, standing a full 6' 3
And I really don't think you wanna deal wit me
Potrait of a, watch out, I'll go..

[DOC] Hold on Dre stop the beat, let me catch my breath
[Dre] Aiyyo man, why ya stopping that was funky
[DOC] To catch my breath
[Dre] Alright you got it (yea) kick it

Strong blowing kisses to the wind
The D.O.C. in fact to attack the wicky wack
And take the rightful place at a rightful time
The D.O. to the C. and it's mine
Move, 'cause no one's gonna take my spot
Doing the groove, why, 'cause it's the diggy diggy D.O.C.

[Dre] Yea that's cool, let's go to the next record