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Detox (wikipedia):


Detox is the title of the currently unfinished final album by Dr. Dre. The album is currently set for release in September 2007.[1][2]

It was due for release in Autumn 2004, but was not then completed. There have also been rumors that the famous producer had completed the album some time back but was not satisfied with it, and instead sold the beats to former Aftermath Entertainment artist The Game. Dr. Dre wanted to concentrate on producing artists that were on his Aftermath label, such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Bishop Lamont, Busta Rhymes, and Eve, which is why at one point he said he would no longer be working on the fabled album any more.


Dr. Dre first mentioned the Detox album to the press around 2000, and since that time various producers and vocalists have contributed potential tracks. In January 2004, then co-producer, Scott Storch, listed guest appearances by the following artists: Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Knoc-Turn'al, Lloyd Banks, Guvner, and The Game. Aftermath-affiliated producers such as Hi-Tek, Kon Artis, Nottz and Mahogany are also working with Dre for the album.[4] Bishop Lamont said that he recorded vocals for some potential Detox tracks, and that Mel-Man had co-produced some tracks, though the final tracklist is up to Dr. Dre. [5] Mike Elizondo has recorded bass guitar parts for the album.[6] Dawaun Parker states that he will also be producing for the album.[7] Sean Combs has recorded vocals for two different tracks for Detox, believing that at least one will make the cut.[8] Jay-Z has also stated that he has worked with Dre for Detox.[9]

In Scratch Magazine's September/October 2006 issue, Dr. Dre's face is on the cover with the headline: "The Secrets Behind DETOX: Hip Hop's unreleased masterpiece coming soon?" The issue contains interviews with Kon Artis, Nottz, Mahogany, and Hi-Tek about Detox and beats they have made for Dre that were possibly meant for the album. Dre himself was not interviewed.

In a December 2006 MTV interview, Eminem was asked if there is going to be a Detox album. His response was, "I can tell you that there is a Detox album in the works. Other than that, I've been trained not to answer. Perfection takes a long time."

On Bishop Lamont's Myspace, there is a video of Bishop with Dr. Dre stating that Detox will be released in September 2007.

Guest apperances for the album are expected to come from Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Diddy, Xzibit, Mary J Blige, Mr. Porter, Ice Cube, Nate Dogg, Bishop Lamont, MC Ren and possibly Nas, The Game, and Bone Thugs N Harmony. [2]

Although XXL Magazine agreed that "Detox" is most likely the most anticipated album ever, due to lack of sufficient confirmations, it could not be rated as one of the top ten most anticipated albums of the year.[10]

Album Mentions

There have been numerous references to the anticipated album on tracks by musical artists.

  • At the end of "Encore/Curtains Down", the last track on Eminem's album Encore, Eminem tells listeners "Don't worry about that Detox album. It's coming. We're gonna make Dre do it."
  • On the track "Higher" by The Game, from his debut album The Documentary, Dre tells people to "look out for Detox" in his one line in the song.
  • Furthermore, on The Game's sophomore album, Doctor's Advocate, track thirteen, "California Vacation," The Game refers to his album as "a sneak peek at the motherfucking Detox." He also makes reference to the album on the track 'Compton' in which he raps, "I'm the reason Dre feels comfortable retiring. I just might put out Detox myself. Smoke so much, I check in Detox myself."
  • Aftermath-signed artist Bishop Lamont tells people to "Look out for Detox" in "Up & Down" from his upcoming album The Reformation.[11]
  • On the Dr. Dre-produced track "Boss' Life" from Snoop Dogg's eighth solo album Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, Snoop Dogg makes reference to the Detox project with the line "if my nigga's detoxin' there's more for me".
  • On the track "We're Back" from the 2006 album Eminem Presents The Re-Up, Shady Records artist Stat Quo talks of recording songs for the Detox LP.
  • On Just Blaze's MySpace page, there is a photo of Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, and The D.O.C., with the caption "No really...watch out for Detox." This seems to confirm that Just Blaze will be a guest producer on the upcoming album.
  • On Busta Rhymes latest street single "I'm Just Gettin Warm", from his upcoming LP Before Hell Freezes Over, Busta briefly mentions the album, saying, "Hit you with a banga like a beat from the Detox"