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Stat Quo

Birthday: July 24th 1979
Label: Aftermath / Shady

"Status quo is the average, the bar by which we live by. Stat Quo is the new bar." These are the words of Stat Quo, one of Shady / Aftermath's most recent signings. "I consider myself to be real different, and the next mother fucker as far as what I'm doin." The Atlanta native describes himself as "a Hip-Hop version of capitalism," adding "I'm for the improvement of me and my squad and everybody else that's tryin to better themselves."

Self improvement comes in a lot of different forms, and opportunity came knocking, or rather, calling one day in the form of Mel Man. Actually opportunity called, and called, and called. "He called like eight times," notes Stat Quo "and I thought it was a motherfucker playin around so I kept hangin up on his face. I was already out in LA working with Isyss. Mel Man came by Enterprise Studios and I rapped for him in the parking lot and the next day he called me over to an unknown studio to where Dre was workin at, and I didn't know Dre was working there, and Mel was like ėman, I'm about to change your life.'"

Mel Man stayed true to his words, but Stat Quo wasn't done workin. "I went to the Mix Show Power Summit in Puerto Rico. I didn't take no clothes, just my CD, handin my shit out. My homegirl, K-Sly let me stay at her hotel. The CD got to a lot of DJ's and a lot of people got the CD and different labels started callin me. I had a meeting with five different labels. Then Eminem got the CD, and he called. So that's how it went down with Shady / Aftermath. He's a great guy."

So what caught everybody's ear down in Puerto Rico? Well, Stat Quo thinks it was both his style, and his subject matter, which ranges from family issues, to suicide, to even the occasional club track. He describes it all in two words, "real shit." Stat Quo also knows what not to do on the mic, noting he's tired of rappers who are "just gettin on the mic and ėmurder, murder, murder, kill, kill, kill'. People are sick of hearing that shit. ėBitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga. Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck.' C'mon bro, sit your ass down."

Knowing there are still plenty of rappers out there who do the things he dislikes the most, Stat Quo is looking to be not just an MC, but a leader in the world of Hip-Hop. "Every time I step in that motherfuckin studio," he explains "I really to elevate the whole fuckin Hip-Hop game. Like when Eminem does a record or puts an album out he takes rap to another level. Dre, Outkast, Jay-Z, they take rap to another level to the point where mutherfuckers bite. I want to do the same thing as an artist, I want to set trends that people will follow."

This lust to be a leader has Stat Quo looking to the near future and the potential realization of his goals. He notes, "I'm looking forward to putting out my album. I'm also lookin forward to pumpin up my brand, GMM, Grown Man Music. Creating my own Aftermath, my own Shady. Kinda like 50 did with the G-Unit. I look forward to being an entrepreneur, and I want to be one of the greats. I look forward to getting better."

All those things he's looking forward to doing, and being, will get a huge boost with the release of his fist major label album this fall. Stat Quo plans on calling the release "Hot Sauce," "cuz food is good but it always taste a little better with hot sauce on it." Sounds like the Hip-Hop capitalist is also ready master the musical culinary arts. Come fall all our ears will get a taste.