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Busta Rhymes

Birthday: May 20th 1972
Label: Aftermath / Flipmode
Website: BustaRhymes.ws

Heís been called hip-hopís most original voice - and he's officially signed to the Math. After a long period of rumors and speculation, it's official - Busta Rhymes has signed a record deal with Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment. Inventive, individual, influential, insightful and idiosyncratic, Busta is clearly a music world and hip hop heavyweight. From being a Leader of the New School in the early 90s to a multi-platinum solo artist and burgeoning movie actor, Busta is always ready for new projects, and like his song says, "Gimme Some More."

But let's start from the beginning. Born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, in 1972 of Jamaican heritage (a definite influence on his rapping style), Busta moved to Long Island in 1983 and, at Uniondale High School, met up with MCs Charlie Brown, Dinco D., and Cut Monitor Milo. Inspired by fellow Long Islanders Public Enemy and Eric B. Rakim, the foursome united as Leaders of the New School and signed a deal with Elektra Records right out of the gate, when Busta was only 17 years old. Much respected in the hip-hop underground for their Afrocentric philosophy and tough rapping styles, Leaders of the New School debuted in 1991 with Future Without a Past but released only one more album, 1993's T.I.M.E., before breaking up the following year.

Out on his own for the first time, Busta called on some friends, appearing on A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario," the incredible remix of Craig Mack's "Flava in Ya Ear" (also featuring Notorious B.I.G. and LL Cool J), as well as other projects with Boyz II Men, Mary J. Blige, and TLC. He also appeared in the 1995 John Singleton film Higher Learning and earned a solo contract with Elektra. Busta's first album, The Coming, proved a huge hit; the single "Woo-Hah Got You All in Check" hit the Top Ten and pushed the album into gold-record territory. His second album, When Disaster Strikes, debuted at number three in September 1997. Extinction Level Event followed a year later, and in mid-2000, Busta released Anarchy while appearing on the silver screen in a remake of the blaxploitation classic Shaft.

"Dre has known Busta for years. Dre had done songs with Busta in the past and had an interest in working with Busta intimately when he his deal was finished. And simply put, who wouldn't want to work with Dr. Dre?" (Chris Lighty / Violator)

Many heads began buzzing after Busta Rhymes joined the Aftermath camp in February 2004, but the move as well as the subsequent album, seems to have been shrouded in mystery. Apart from the fact Busta was unhappy with J Records and their mishandling of his last release, 2002's It Ain't Safe No More, very little is known about what to expect from Dre and Busta who have been friends for years. Now, heads won't have to wait much longer for Busta's new hotness.

"Busta has a million songs. He literally will play you a record every three minutes forever. He records every day. The problem is, you give Busta a record and there's no guarantee the song will make the album because he records a thousand songs a day. He's incredibly talented. He can do anything ? rhyme fast, slow, stutter, sing. He's a problem. So we getting back in the studio with him. We have a song called 'Bubble Gum' with a chick blowing bubble gum through the whole beat and the bubble is popping. It's gonna be stupid. Busta's dope." (Dr. Dre)

Now, heads won't have to wait much longer for Busta's new hotness. The GM of Aftermath confirmed to Aftermathmusic.com, Busta is currently putting the finishing touches on The Big Bang slated for release early 2006.